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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Adventures in PAX!

Our first trip to PAX was a pretty amazing experience, and it has left us with many PAX tips and tricks for next time. In these epic posts, I'm going to try and archive our voyage, so that nothing is lost for future generations.

The first thing we learned was actually in the MCI airport. We were flying Midwest/Frontier because they were the cheapest and served chocolate chip cookies. How can you pass that up? The cookies are a big selling point. However, our price analysis failed to incorporate the $20 check bag fee for BOTH WAYS. Yes, that's an additional $40 you have to pony up for your bag to have a comfy flight. We will probably fly Southwest next time.

Oh, and this years Cookie Monster award goes to Tom! He is a cookie eating machine! The man ate his airplane cookies plus extra from Sam. Then during the layover in Denver partook in a bag of Famous Amos cookies. Then again during the flight from Denver to Seattle!

Once in Seattle we set off by light train and foot to our hotel. This is where we learned that Google Maps gives directions based off the assumption you're in a car. Needless to say, the one way streets of downtown Seattle made the hike much longer than it needed to be. Lucky for us, the Google Maps update for walking directions came down the day we got back.

The hotel was pretty nice, and only a mile from the convention center. However, there were two poor decisions that really stood out. The first was one of a fiscal nature. Our room had a nice view, two full beds, a nice fold out couch, and a beautiful 46" flat screen TV.

It also had the cheapest possible toilet paper. Ever. You could see through this razor sharp insult to my nethers. They spent the cash to give us brand new shampoo everyday, but can't buy two ply? This same cost cutting ridiculousness showed up each day with the fruit bowl. Bananas are cheap, invest in some with color.

The second issue was one of design. They had a very nice all day deli/breakfast area and a comfy lobby for waiting on the shuttle. But that wasn't enough for them.

They wanted a bar too.

To fit the bar in, they just extended the front desk. Seriously, we were sitting on bar stools being served drinks by the same lady checking in the family of four. Their full liquor license hadn't come in, but I'm sure their customers are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to drink Irish car bombs with some stranger's 6 year old.


Anonymous ErinFaye said...

The cookie monster graphic here is perfect and hilarious.

12/02/2010 3:28 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

I'm glad you're doing this. If you want, I can send you my pictures from PAX so that you can use them if need be.

12/02/2010 3:29 PM  
Blogger mattjustmull said...

@Erin : The cookie monster graphic is actually a tshirt from woot.com. I expect Tom to be sporting it by next summer :)

@Tom : Blogger has a really crappy mechanism for uploading pictures, so I plan on using pictures from around the web. If you have a particularly good one, send it to me and I'll work it into the posts.

12/06/2010 11:19 AM  

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