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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Everyone can agree that taxes are necessary part of any number of social benefits, but no one likes paying them. The Tea Party movement in particular has built their soap box around preventing new taxes. One third of their Contract from America is centered around reducing and preventing taxes, and the rest are indirectly related.

There is a reoccurring theme when people complain about taxes. They complain about paying them, but ultimately they don't know how much they pay. How many of you can say with certainty the percentage of their income that went to taxes last year?

I imagine most would be surprised to learn that 2009 had the lowest tax bills in 60 years. In fact, we've been enjoying very low taxes for the last decade. Of course the effects of a very low tax rate are evident.

Their response of course is that we need to shrink the government, but they will be unable to point to which programs to cut. Our government tends to do good work with the money we give them. Ultimately, the hard truth is that we will need both a raise in taxes and cuts in spending in an effort to prevent this:


Anonymous Scott said...

Yeah, we are screwed. When the government finally decides do to what has to be done to fix it people are going to be ultra pissed.

Increased taxes + hyperinflation.

Cancellation of programs, even in a few cases ones that some people depend on.

Complete revamp of entitlement programs that leaves many people not getting much back from programs they have paid into their entire adult lives.

right wing, left wing, nobody will be happy.

5/15/2010 2:27 PM  

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