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Friday, March 20, 2009

Air Purifier

I'm sure you've all heard about the Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers. Basically Consumer Reports found that they pumped entirely too much ozone into your living space. This can cause all kinds of nasty lung problems like coughing and reduced lunch function.

But what type of air purifier should you run? Ah, well our good friend Kamal Meattle ran into this problem while living in New Delhi. The pollution there had already reduced his lung capacity to 70%. He became allergic to the city air, and it was killing him. To combat this problem, he did what anyone would do...

He called NASA.

His team and NASA worked out that there are three house plants that together produce all the fresh air needed for indoor living.

Per person you need
4 shoulder high Areca Palms
6 waist high Mother-in-law's Tongues
1 Money Plant

With those plants you can literally live in a bottle, or if you would prefer, a space ship.

For personal use, the most interesting plants are the Mother-in-law's Tongues and the Money Plant. The Tongues are interesting because they do the CO2 conversion at night when you're most likely to have the window's closed. If you put a couple in your bedroom, your respiratory system will thank you.

The Money Plant is especially useful because it actually pulls formaldehydes and other chemical pollutants out of the air. This is your true Air Purifier.

I don't live in an area that has a lot of air pollution, but I'm sure my air quality could always use improvement. I might even be able to keep these plants alive.


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