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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To The Statue!

After breakfast we headed south to see the Statue of Liberty. We figured on hitting Canal Street and China Town afterwards. Little did we know that the Statue is an all day affair.

We stroll into Battery Park which is a pretty nice park to hang out. The ferry takes you to from the park to the statue and Elis Island, but first you need a ticket. The ticket line is substantial. It winds around this circular building located near the ferries. Once inside the building the line continues to wind around affectively doubling the perceived line size.

We score some tickets and head to the ferries. The building, which so cleverly concealed half the ticket line, also hides the line to get onto the ferry. The new line is huge. We settle in for a good 2 hour wait to board the ferry.

We use this opportunity to partake in some street vender goodness. I have to say this is the way to eat in New York. A delicious oversized hotdog with seasoned onions for a buck fifty. I'd eat that everyday, but I'd probably be dead within the year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow--your level of patience is considerably higher than my own. How did you guys get Karissa to be still for so long???

5/27/2008 3:57 PM  
Blogger mattjustmull said...

Well, we were at a park. For some of the wait she was off with the woman folk. There were also street performers, birds, the ocean, other people in line etc.

She handled it very well.

5/27/2008 5:06 PM  

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